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Let Go and Let God.

So it’s been about two weeks since school started and already, the worries and complications of senior year are in full swing. From the homework, to studying for tests, to SATs and ACTs, college applications, essays and much MUCH more(believe me) life can get very stressful very quickly. So this blog post is a reminder for myself and anyone else who needs to hear it, that I have learned multiple times over; but as I’m only human, I’ve forgotten.

God IS in control of everything that is happening. It may seem completely and utterly impossible as of right now but trust me, when I say our Savior has plans for us BOY does He have a plan.

When it comes to my life and Christ in it, sometimes I forget God has the better perspective. All I may be able to see right now is exhaustion, hopelessness, and frustration but God can see the bigger picture. He knows what you’re capable of, and it’s just as the saying goes, ‘If God put you to it, He can get you through it.’ God would never give you a situation that is a dead end for you that would lead you to complete failure. He gives us these trials and tribulations in life as tests, to see how strong we really are in our faith.

Now, ask yourself this question: When I’m in a hard time, what do I turn to? Gods’ word or Earthly comfort that is only temporary?

Sometimes I find myself doing the latter because it’s more convenient to me at the time. Maybe I don’t have my Bible with me, or maybe I just don’t even think about turning to the gospel for real truth. But, what will cause me to turn to God is remembering how much he has provided and done for me in my life. No matter how down I’m feeling, God has given me wonderful friends and teachers to turn to for help, He’s always given me light in my life and provided a role model, whether it be my classmates, my family, or even the former seniors last year. He’s given me the strength to get through some of the darkest times in my life and provided joy and happiness afterwards as a reward for my strength and perseverance. And lastly, to just tie this all together in some really pretty, giant, pink bow, He’s given me His word which promises and holds so many great things in it; which is what I tend to forget sometimes.

So whether you’re feeling like you’ve hit rock bottom or you’re soaring on cloud nine, turn to God in all you do. Sure He knows everything about your life, but He loves hearing things from you personally. That’s where the relationship with God comes from, going to Him with everything and anything at all, because He wants to hear it. So right now, right this minute, thank God for what all He has done in your life. It can be something little or it can be something big, it doesn’t matter. But what does matter is trusting in God so you can just simply,

let go and let God


5 thoughts on “Let Go and Let God.

  1. Ashton, you have the wisdom of an old soul! I love to read your writing because it is so honest and so true. And I know you will pass all these trials you are going through right now. You’ve got this! xoxo

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    • I use an NIV teen girl bible! And along with that I keep a journal to write devotions or anything that comes to mind when I’m writing, or I do occasionally write in the margins or highlight if I find something REALLY important that I want to remember.


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