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Taking Time to Recharge.

Imagine this: You lost your phone charger say, about a week ago. At first on Monday, everything was okay and it didn’t really matter. Your phone was on one hundred percent, running at its full efficiency. But you see as the week continues, your phone battery depletes. The first few days, it’s fairly slow: ninety-five percent, ninety percent and then eighty-five percent, nothing to worry about of course. But the week continues and the battery life zaps away, faster and faster from its constant usage throughout the day. Suddenly it’s Saturday and your phone is at five percent. It’s hot, it’s glitching, and it’s nowhere near functioning at its full efficiency. It needs to be recharged in order to work properly. So you finally cave and buy a new charger and everything is okay again.

You see, that long drawn out metaphor one I found that truly connected(ahah puns amiright, okay I’ll stop) with me as a self proclaimed introvert. That’s right. That’s what I’m going to be talking about today. Being an introvert, and being okay with it.

Being an introvert is a truly tiring and terrible thing. Sometimes. I’ll get to the good part later. Anyways, it means hanging out with people, especially for extended periods of time, wears you out easily. It means most of the time you’d rather not go out and socialize, because socializing means people, and people means doing things and doing things means going outside. Which is all together exhausting just to think about. It also means when you’re not feeling a particular distaste towards people and things, scheduling three sleepovers in a row may seem like a good idea at the time, but when you get to the second one and you feel like screaming your head off, it was actually one of the worst ideas you’d had in awhile. But for obvious reasons you can’t just lose it at a friend’s house, so you pull yourself together, get through the rest of it, then collapse into bed at home, refusing to have any form of social contact for the next month and a half.

Ahh the life of an introvert, loving people but not having enough energy to actually go out and talk to them. It’s a struggle my friends.

But. Let’s not forget the good parts.

Being an introvert means you can spend extended periods alone, and not go crazy. How great is that? One of my favorite pastimes is just sitting alone with my thoughts and me. Sometimes I write, read, or listen to some instrumental music, but whatever it is I enjoy every second of it. I enjoy getting to know myself better, how I work when no one is watching me or telling me what to do. I even surprise myself sometimes, with the ideas I come up with. I’ll randomly decide to pick up a new hobby, start a new project, or heck, I’ll even go out and exercise if I’m feeling that motivated. I even get the most done when I’m alone. I’ve recently discovered I never really work well in groups, all that noise distracts me and I just can’t seem to get anything done. But sit me down in a library or a coffee shop, anywhere really, all by myself and I’ll write you a novel. I’ll become the next John Green. It’s actually pretty incredible.

This blog was just a random thought I had the other day and I wanted to articulate into some coherent thoughts, because being an introvert isn’t always a bad thing. You don’t always have to spend time with people. You can take time for yourself, to recharge(there it is again, puns), to spend time with you. It’s not a bad thing, contrary to what the world and what social media has taught us. So go against the grain, and if you’re feeling like you’re just too tired, stay home and get that day of rest. I promise you won’t miss all that much. Taking care of yourself is so important, so be gentle with yourself. You’re only human, and it’s okay to be imperfect.


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